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grow with a pro

Practice, learn and sweat with the best during customized coaching sessions with Valerie and her team. Perfect for girls between the ages of 8-18, The Valerie Arioto Softball Experience focuses on building better players, stronger teammates and more confident athletes.

The coaching lineup

Valerie’s hand-picked coaching team includes industry experts who are shaping the future of the sport.


Katie Cheadle

Mental Training Director

Katie is a Mindfulness Based Psychotherapist and Performance Coach specializing in working with athletes. Katie was a student athlete at UC Berkeley before earning her Masters in Clinical Psychology. In her practice, she helps athletes looking to enhance their performance through building confidence and clarity, while developing the skills to manage the stress and anxiety associated with competition.

Today there is a growing pressure for student athletes to succeed in all areas of their lives. Athletes are putting in countless hours working on the physical components to perform at the top of their game, but often times the mental game is overlooked. We have incorporated this training in all my clinics by design to help athletes navigate the stress, pressure, and anxiety that can arise from playing competitive sports.

At Valerie Arioto's clinics, Katie will help our athletes gain insight to the mental game by providing an experiential workshop aimed to give participants tools and resources to help them perform their best.


Mariko “Ko” Kondo

Social Media Director

Mariko is a Bay Area native who grew up playing softball starting with recreational teams and then on to competitive travel teams and high school. She is currently a senior at UC Berkeley studying in the Interdisciplinary studies field concentrating on social media and marketing strategies. She is also a member of the Cal Berkeley D1 Varsity Softball team. Her passion for the game of softball along with her studies and experience from internships in marketing and social media will help her effectively support all aspects of marketing for our clinics.